Sunday, 26 June 2016


Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! Now that Jeff Lynne and ELO are firmly back in the embrace of the wider music loving public, elobeatlesforever (elobf) would be most interested to know whether there is an appetite in the ELO/Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood, Bev Bevan and related artistes fan community for an UK ELO Fan Convention during 2017. This is not something that I could possibly organize without others but I do have some ideas as to what would be involved if there were solid and consistent support for such an event:
  • sponsored by elobeatlesforever (elobf) and [a] suitable commercial partner[s]
  • non-profit
  • to be held in the West Midlands
  • to be held on or over a weekend
  • an acceptable ticket price or entry charge?
  • live on stage Q&A's by KJS with ELO and related artistes/celebrities
  • an ELO and related memorabilia display/exhibition
  • an ELO and related swap shop
  • meet 'n' greet
  • loads of ELO music piped through the PA!
  • [a] live performance[s] by [an] ELO tribute band[s]
  • live performances by ELO influenced artistes
  • food and, of course, a bar
  • absolutely no KJS jokes!
Yours Truly KJS would greatly appreciate your ideas, thoughts and feedback regarding the above soundbites via elobeatlesforever (elobf) itself, direct email or our social media outlets. Thanx!

Until next "Time" in the ELO [and related] Universe ... KJS ... 26-June-2016


  1. marvellous idea.....ELO quiz? ELO karaoke? Will be great if you can pull it off.

  2. Definitely up for that. The 'absolutely no KJS jokes' done it for me! 😁😃

  3. I will fly from the American colonies for this!!!! Please make this happen!!!!

    1. Before JKS will organize their own event in England, see how Polish ELO Fans are having fun at the Meetings. You are welcome to Poland for XIII INTERNATIONAL ELO FAN CONVENTION: