Monday, 26 June 2017


Just under a year ago, whilst basking in the afterglow of a phenomenal performance at Glastonbury, fans of ELO were thrilled to hear the news that Jeff Lynne's ELO were to land at London's iconic Wembley Stadium for one glorious June night. Since then, elobeatlesforever (elobf) has been counting down the days to Saturday 24th June as the anticipation and excitement for the concert mounted in the wake of their April induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
Ably supported by The Shires and Keane's Tom Chaplin on impressive solo duty, Jeff Lynne's ELO took their places on stage to the familiar sight and sound of rain and thunder to herald the first notes of "Concert For A Rainy Day" and 'new' opener "Standin' In The Rain" (replacing last years "Tightrope"). The absence of the much missed Richard Tandy meant that Marcus Byrne again stepped up on piano and vocoder duties with Jeff promising the return of his right hand man on "the next leg of the tour".
There's now an air of familiarity about Jeff's touring troupe of thirteen in 2017 and that on stage bond - much marshalled by ace Musical Director Mike Stevens - meant that they had as much fun on stage as the 70,000+ folks watching them, under a what could only be described as a marvellous re-imagination of the spaceship insert that graced the inside sleeve of many thousands of copies of the classic "Out Of The Blue" 2LP some forty (40) years earlier upon a stage design that was literally out of this world.
A radical set list change was also confirmed following on from their Sheffield date three days earlier with four songs from the 2015 song roster including "Secret Messages" moved aside to accommodate a healthy influx of 'new' numbers including "Handle With Care", "Xanadu", "Ma Ma Ma Belle", "Last Train To London", "Do Ya" and "Twilight". All those song changes meant that those assembled got to see and hear an extended set of twenty three ELO classics in 110 minutes of sonic and visual excellence in perhaps the most atmospheric if not stratospheric of gigs thanks to the pre-show announcement that the show was being filmed for a future Blu-Ray and DVD release, most likely in time to be included at the top of many a Christmas present list.
The beaming smiles and frequent breaking out into song of the throngs ensured that this electric light fantastic concert, lauded as one of the gigs of the year, more than lived up to its billing. Many a review has doubtless already been written and published about ELO's latest Wembley spectacular but, for me, this was a truly sublime experience - and sure to propel their #1 multi-platinum selling "All Over The World" compilation back up the album charts!
It was truly momentous for this writer to hear Jeff deliver the vocals for "Twilight", "Handle With Care", "Do Ya", "Last Train To London" and "Ma Ma Ma Belle" for the first time, having listened to them as records for years! On such a night as this was, it's difficult to choose a fave but if you pushed me, I'd have to say that "Standin' In The Rain", "Ma Ma Ma Belle", "Do Ya" and "Twilight" were special. Yours Truly KJS did miss "Secret Messages" though, for obvious reasons. May the next ELO tour also be as dramatic, entertaining and wonderful as this one with perhaps a song too from (of course) "Secret Messages" and "Balance Of Power" to top it off ...
Jeff Lynne's ELO performed: "Standin' In The Rain" ~ "Evil Woman" ~ "All Over The World" ~ "Showdown" ~ "Livin' Thing" ~ "Do Ya" ~ "When I Was A Boy" ~ "Handle With Care" ~ "Last Train To London" ~ "Xanadu" ~ "Rockaria!" ~ "Can't Get It Out Of My Head" ~ "10538 Overture" ~ "Prologue/Twilight" ~ "Ma Ma Ma Belle" ~ "Shine A Little Love" ~ "Wild West Hero" ~ "Sweet Talkin' Woman" ~ "Telephone Line" ~ "Turn To Stone" ~ "Don't Bring Me Down" ~ "Mr. Blue Sky" ~ "Roll Over Beethoven"
Jeff Lynne's ELO were: Jeff Lynne (Lead vocals/guitars) ~ Mike Stevens (Musical Director)(Guitars/vocals) ~ Milton McDonald (Guitars/vocals) ~ Lee Pomeroy (Bass/vocals) ~ Donavan Hepburn (Drums) ~ Marcus Byrne (Piano/keyboards/vocoder) ~ Bernie Smith (Keyboards) ~ Jo Webb (Keyboards) ~ Iain Hornal (Backing vocals/guitars) ~ Melanie Lewis McDonald (Backing vocals) ~ Rosie Langley (Violin) ~ Amy Langley (Cello) ~ Jess Cox (Cello)

Find out what Jeff Lynne's ELO are up to by visiting their official web site via this link thus:

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Friday, 23 June 2017


Jeff Lynne's ELO @ Sheffield (Photograph courtesy of Kevin Wells)
The Jeff Lynne's ELO spaceship will be landing at the world famous Wembley Stadium in less than 48 hours and elobeatlesforever (elobf) will, of course, be there. By now, most folks will be aware that the 23 song set list from their Sheffield gig on Wednesday 21st June radically changed from that performed in Birmingham last June with four (4) songs dropped and no less than eight (8) songs added.

Yours Truly KJS has decided not to publish the song roster from Sheffield or the above noted changes so as to not spoil the surprise for those going to the show at Wembley on Saturday 24th June and/or Glasgow on Wednesday 28th June and/or Hull on Saturday 1st July. What elobf can say is that the London concert may include more songs and that a familiar ELO icon will make a return.

Yours Truly KJS will be nestled amongst the rows in Block B4 and it would be nice to meet some of the lovely people who perchance occasionally to visit (or even) read elobeatlesforever (elobf)Please say "Hi!" if you bump into me! An elobf review of the events at Wembley will be published by Monday (26th) latest.



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Tuesday, 20 June 2017


The initials RT to most folks these days mean 'retweet' but to followers of the Electric Light Orchestra they refer to Richard Tandy, the keyboard maestro who has been at the side of Jeff Lynne for well over four decades. His absence from ELO's recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame [RRHOF] induction in New York left many fans wondering as to the reason for Richard's non-attendance, particularly as no news has been forthcoming from 'official' channels since.
Recent photos from the Jeff Lynne's ELO practice sessions and even the odd picture from Chris Evan's Dine 'n' Disco fundraiser for BBC Children Need, held last Saturday (17th June) at Chewton Glen in Hampshire (not too far from their rehearsal studio in South East London) do not show RT in his familiar position by the side of Jeff. It therefore seems reasonable (without speculating) to consider the strong possibility that Richard may well not feature during the forthcoming quartet of EJLO dates at Sheffield, London, Glasgow and Hull.
Whilst elobeatlesforever (elobf) and the 70,000 fans expected at Wembley Stadium on Saturday would dearly love to see RT on stage, if he is indeed not there (for whatever the reason), Yours Truly KJS would like to wish Richard all the very best for the future, hoping that he'll be back alongside Jeff in the ELO spaceship soon.

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Saturday, 17 June 2017


Yours Truly KJS and elobeatlesforever (elobf) have been quietly counting down the days to the appearance of Jeff Lynne's ELO and friends at London's iconic Wembley Stadium on Saturday 24th June and their trio of dates in Sheffield, Glasgow and Hull via elobf @ Twitter for almost a year now so it was reassuring to (finally) collect the tickets for the Wembley show this morning, just seven days before what is likely to be one of the gigs of the year.

Jeff Lynne's ELO will, of course, be joined by Tom Chaplin (of Keane fame) for all four dates with The Shires also on the bill at Wembley and Hull for the 2017 leg of the "Alone In The Universe" UK tour. Whilst special unannounced guests might be revealed during the tour, we should not expect to see Jeff's Wilbury brothers Tom Petty and Bob Dylan as they are both currently on tour in the United States and/or Canada.
Yours Truly KJS (and by extension elobf) will be there too, nestled amongst the rows in Block B4. It would be nice to meet some of the lovely people who perchance occasionally to visit (or even) read elobeatlesforever (elobf). Please say "Hi!" if you bump into me! See you there?

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Friday, 16 June 2017


Between their two year tenure on EMI's Harvest Records imprint from 1971-73 and the beginning of their long association with Jet Records from 1975 onward, the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) - and, of course, Wizzard - were signed to Warner Bros. Records in the UK. Yet their time on WB and its famous palm tree lined Burbank label marked something of a downturn in both of their fortunes. The botched exit of Wizzard from Harvest to Warner Bros. during the release of "I Wish It Could be Christmas Everyday" in late 1973 quite probably cost it a place at the chart summit alongside Slade and was sadly a sign of things to come.

ELO had enjoyed reasonable album chart success in UK with Harvest with their first two albums reaching #32 and #35 and their first three singles "10538 Overture", "Roll Over Beethoven" and "Showdown" attaining #9, #6 and #12 respectively (The Move also charting regularly with "Tonight", "Chinatown" and "California Man"). However, the first ELO release on WB, the gatefolded "On The Third Day" (K56021) failed to chart with lone single "Ma Ma Ma Belle" (K16349) managing a modest #22 in the singles chart. Even more disappointing was the fact that their much cherished fourth album, their second Warner Bros. release: "Eldorado - A Symphony by The Electric Light Orchestra" (K56090) also failed to chart in their home country as did a foreshortened single edit of "Can't Get It Out Of My Head" (K16510).

Yet, whilst their chart performance here in the UK was stalling, the opposite could be said of their fortunes in the US as a Jeff Lynne led ELO reaped the benefit of the "Do It With The Light On" campaign, relentless touring and their staying with LA based United Artists Records during the same period. Indeed, both "On The Third Day" and "Eldorado" made the Billboard 100 (at #52 and #16), the latter earning ELO their first gold disc whilst the dreamy "Can't Get It Out Of My Head" peaked at an impressive #9 in the US Top 10. The contrast between their growing popularity in the States and their home audience being somewhat unappreciative was stark.

Hoping to build upon their growing reputation as a live act, ELO's concert at Long Beach Auditorium was recorded on Sunday 12th May 1974 and was intended to follow the release of "On The Third Day" but was deemed of insufficient quality to be released in the both the UK and US. "The Night The Light Went On (In Long Beach)" did eventually find release in Germany via Warner Bros. (WB56058) becoming a much sought after import for avid ELO fans - including Yours Truly KJS! Interestingly, three tracks from the abandoned live LP: "10538 Overture", "Daybreaker" and "Showdown" ended up as the 'B' sides to "Evil Woman" (JET764), "Nightrider" (JET769) and "Strange Magic" (JET779), the trio of singles taken from "Face The Music" (JETLP11), after ELO had jumped label again here in the UK and Europe to Jet Records. A repackaged "The Night The Light Went On" finally saw official release in the UK in 1985 via Epic Records (EPC32700).
 Whilst the Ardens concentrated on ELO's American adventures and the rich rewards, their focus and commitment to Wizzard was seemingly inversely proportional. Despite that, Roy Wood still delivered hit singles in the UK before he too switched to Jet Records and found chart success as elusive as ELO had with Warner Brothers. Yet, even with Top 40 hits in "Evil Woman" and "Strange Magic", it took until "A New World Record" in 1976 for ELO to fully find favour with the UK record buying public. If nothing else, ELO's commercial struggle on Warner Bros. served as a remarkable demonstration of the differing markets on either side of the Atlantic. The rest, they say, is history ...

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Saturday, 10 June 2017


You may recall that Gary Frenay has been featured here on elobeatlesforever (elobf) not least due to his being a co-founding member of The Flashcubes as well as a renowned musician in his own right. Gary contacted Yours Truly KJS this week on the subject of his contribution to a new album of James Bond themed covers entitled "Bond, Bond Songs" compiled by Andrew Curry, the man who brought us "Drink A Toast To Innocence: A Tribute To Lite Rock" back in 2013.

And, after tackling the immense songbook of Roy Wood with his fellow Flashcubes in their 2012 long player "Sportin' Wood", Gary has now recorded a sublime version of "Moonraker" for the newly released Bond album which oozes the Traveling Wilburys sound with a dab of George Harrison, a touch of Roy Orbison and the production values of Jeff Lynne, thanks to fellow Flashcube Tommy Allen thus:

"Moonraker" by Gary Frenay and "Bond, Bond Songs" can purchased in digital or limited edition 2CD format via these links thus:

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Friday, 9 June 2017


Aside from coloured vinyl, picture discs and 10"/12" singles, one of the marketing techniques invented when single sales were king was the release of double 'AA' sided singles. Instead of the usual 'A' side backed by an obscure (or even familiar) 'B' side, casual record buyers and avid fans were treated to a double whammy making such releases attractive, particularly if they were following successful lead singles in promoting healthy album sales. It therefore came as no surprise to see Jet Records issue two 'AA' side singles in the UK when ELO were at their commercial peak.

Released as the fourth single from ELO's first UK #1 LP "Discovery" following the Top 10 trio of "Shine A Little Love" b/w "Jungle" (SJET144), "The Diary Of Horace Wimp" b/w "Down Home Town" (JET150) and "Don't Bring Me Down" b/w "Dreaming Of 4000" (JET153), the policy worked when "Confusion" and "Last Train To London" (JET166) were twinned together to peak at #8, confirming ELO as one of the biggest selling artistes of 1979, even challenging the supremacy of ABBA.
ELO's second 'AA' single came along following in the wake of their second #1 UK album "Time" in late 1981 in slightly different circumstances. Lead single "Hold On Tight" b/w "When Time Stood Still" (JET7011) was a smash hit peaking at #4 thanks partly to its then budget busting promo video. Both record company and fans both expected second single "Twilight" (JET7015) to also do well but were disappointed when it stalled at #30 despite being backed with the previously unreleased "Julie Don't Live Here". Jet duly rolled out "Ticket To The Moon" and "Here Is The News" (JET7018) as ELO's second 'AA' single (also as a highly desirable 12" picture disc), resulting in a significantly better chart placing of #24. Fourth single "The Way It's Meant To Be" b/w "Wishing" (JET7021) sadly failed to chart signalling the ebbing of ELO's stellar UK singles career.
Unofficial AA: "21st Century Man" was twinned with "Twilight" in France ...
Interestingly, "21st Century Man" and "Twilight" (JET808) were also paired together by Jet in France. Although not specifically described a 'AA' single on the sleeve or label, the release is essentially that although the run-out groove for "Twilight" does state "JET 808 B". One can only wonder what might have happened if "21st Century Man" had been released as a single in the UK, particularly as it is still regarded by many as Jeff Lynne's poignant tribute to John Lennon following his tragic death in November 1980.

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